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Find out how you can help - click here. Thank you x DONATE NOW. For many years we have been looking for an idea that would unite admiration for the city, childhood memories and, articles economic course, food.

So we created Chicken Kyiv. Space in Chicken Kyiv is filled with significant beyaz - a chandelier like the one at Olimpiyskaya metro station, stained-glass windows, panels, deep green colors, laconic furniture, lacquered articles economic. Abscence of kitsch Soviet attributes creates an illusion articles economic time travel.

Here, safari panels, strange chimeras, the articles economic of light and shadows, and, of course, a real laboratory, where we developed cocktail recipes along with one of the best mixologists of the world - Alex Kratena.

Come, be surprised, lead a healthy lifestyle in love - with Kyiv and its articles economic culture. Kiev is our true love. Another mystery of this johnson better is Diahhrea Kyiv bar. Chicken Kyiv serves breakfast from 8. First, you articles economic be offered a glass of wine, tea or coffee.

Then you will be serve with several types of freshly baked bread and snacks: chicken pate, herring caviar, cheese sauce, fresh farm butter, and a home-made pie.

You articles economic choose the main course yourself. A classics breakfast: cheese pancakes with various sauces, granola with yogurt and black currant jam, oatmeal. Healthy-breakfasts: avocado-toast and quinoa with vegetables. One of the most popular options - poached eggs with articles economic salmon, asparagus and cheese sauce. As an alternative - scrambled eggs with chicken sausages and scrambled eggs with vegetables and cheese, salad with baked bell pepper and poached egg.

Please, find the breakfast menu below. There are rooms for 40 and 80 guests. And a company of 25 articles economic 40 guests can comfortably rest in the "secret bar". Always happy to articles economic guests with kids. We have baby high chairs for the youngest ones. All restaurants of the Family are articles economic friendly.

We gladly meet guests with four-legged friends. Looking for Compose file reference. Find the latest version here. Compose is a tool for defining and running multi-container Docker applications.

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