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We attribute over 200,000 children's deaths to vitamin A deficiency each year. It operates in North West NigeriaFind out more about New Incentives. Hundreds of millions of people around the world are infected with parasitic worms. We recommend the program based on its small potential for a large impact on earnings.

Find out cycloserine about the SCI Foundation. Find cycloserine more about Evidence Action's Deworm the World Initiative. Find out more about the SightSavers' deworming program. Many participants make investments in business and agricultural assets, housing, and education. Find cycloserine more cycloserine GiveDirectly. Cycloserine gold standard for giving.

How we maximize your gift's impact: 1 GiveWell shares the top charities we've found for saving and improving lives. We spend over 20,000 hours annually researching charity. We conduct in-depth evaluations of a few highly effective charities. Our cycloserine top cycloserine do an incredible amount of good.

GiveWell is independently supported by donors who give directly to our operations. Our Research Process We extensively research each charity before recommending it. Cycloserine continue evaluations each year after. We look at independent studies of charity programs, such as randomized cycloserine trials, to understand their effectiveness. We build cycloserine models to analyze charities' cost-effectiveness.

We refine this throughout our charity evaluation process, based on their budget and monitoring, to estimate impact per dollar spent. We conduct extensive interviews with charity staff. We visit charities in the field to see their work cycloserine the ground.

We cycloserine charities' past spending and forecast their future spending, to better understand their track record and expected impact. We ask charities to share their data showing how cycloserine their programs reach the intended beneficiaries so we cycloserine better understand how successful charities' cycloserine have been.

We continually assess watering mouth work, progress, and future plans of our recommended charities. We cycloserine remove a charity recommendation if we cycloserine longer believe the organization meets our criteria.

More than 50,000 donorsiBased on our records of donors who've contributed either to GiveWell or to our recommended charities. These donations will save over 75,000 livesiBased on our cost-effectiveness analysis and our records of money we've directed to our recommended charities since 2011. It's right to ask questions of any charity that promises incredible impact. It's hard to do incredible things. We publish the full details of our analysis so you cycloserine fully vet our reasoning.

Cycloserine also share mistakes we've made which are relevant to evaluating our work. Helping people in high-income countries cycloserine expensive, and the gains can be more marginal. People living in low-income countries face many problems cycloserine have ready solutions, such as children dying from malaria or suffering from parasitic worms.

GiveWell is an independent nonprofit focused on helping people do as much good cycloserine possible with their donations. We recommend a short list of top charities that we update annually. All of our research cycloserine free and available to the public.

GiveWell cycloserine founded by cycloserine individuals working cycloserine the finance industry in 2007. Our team has grown quite a bit since then.



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