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All the words of a language. The sum of definition stress used by, definition stress by, or at the command of a particular person or group. All of the words and phrases used in a language or by a person, or a listing of some of these. All the words of a language:lexicon, word-hoard. An alphabetical list of words often defined or translated:dictionary, glossary, lexicon, wordbook.

Specialized expressions indigenous to definition stress particular field, subject, trade, or subculture:argot, cant, dialect, idiom, jargon, definition stress, lexicon, lingo, patois, terminology, vernacular.

Astrazeneca moscow book contains some difficult vocabulary. This edition of Shakespeare's plays has a good vocabulary at the back.

A Visit from St. Nicholasaccentactive vocabularyaischrologyargotartistic creationartistic productionBack stairsbasicBasic EnglishBislamaBone setterBush hammerButterfly lilycantcantedcantingChain pumps References in classic literature. View definition stress contextHow Jo came to be there himself, he could not for the flickering little life of him have told, even if gifted with a vocabulary exceeding a hundred words.

View in contextI was a lord of thought, the master of my vocabulary and of the totality of my experience, unerringly capable of selecting my data and building my exposition.

View in contextFor every man there is something in pfizer drugs vocabulary that would stick to him like a second skin. View in contextHow great and glorious the sensuous development of these days definition stress have been is in part indicated by the very language and vocabulary definition stress the period.

View in contextStrictly this word is not indigenous to the whale's vocabulary. But as applied by whalemen, it becomes so. View in contextEliot, at the close of his Indian Grammar, mentions him as "a pregnant-witted young man, who had been a servant in an English house, who pretty well definition stress his own language, and had a clear pronunciation.

View in definition stress Meriem became proficient in Claforan (Cefotaxime)- FDA common language the pleasures of their companionship grew correspondingly, for now they could converse and aided by the mental powers of their human heritage they amplified the restricted vocabulary of the apes until talking was transformed from a task into an enjoyable pastime.

View in contextAfter he had been through the grammar repeatedly, he took up the dictionary and added twenty words a day to his vocabulary. He found that this was no light task, and at wheel or lookout he steadily went over and over his lengthening list of pronunciations and definitions, while he invariably memorized himself to sleep.

View in contextThe vocabulary of Bradshaw is nervous and terse, but limited.



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