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There are lots of names for cannabis. With the plant to be legalized for recreational use in Canada next summer, Doxepin (Zonalon)- FDA words people use to talk about it are more important than ever, says David Bienenstock, author of How to Smoke Pot (Properly): A Highbrow Guide to Getting High.

Among them: how policing agencies in New Brunswick are expected Doxepin (Zonalon)- FDA make sure users are securing their stashes in locked boxes, how drivers are going to be reliably tested Doxepin (Zonalon)- FDA THC, and whether having a cottage means you get to double down on the four-plants-per-household rule.

Or one of dozens unicam colourful, also-popular variants, including, but not limited to, ganja, dope, cheeba, 420, and the sticky icky.

The reason the plant has so many nicknames, according to David Bienenstock, author of How to Smoke Pot (Properly): A Highbrow Guide to Getting High and former editor of the cannabis magazine High Times, is because it's been illegal for so long. But now that the 90-year history of cannabis prohibition in Canada is coming to a close, "the words we choose affect the way we make policy," he said.

Most medical producers, dispensaries, and federal legislation are gravitating toward "cannabis" as the preferred term. As Canadian provinces prepare for the legalization of recreational cannabis, they seem to be falling in line with that thinking. Cannabis is the best word. It's a favourite among CBC journalists. Who doesn't love a three-letter word when whittling down the character count in a punchy headline. But that's a very different thing than, say, the national news service of a country reporting on an important medical study and using the word 'pot' in the headline.

Users are "kind of reclaiming it and making it our own," Bienenstock said, citing the prevalence of the term on TV shows like Vice's Weediquette and Doxepin (Zonalon)- FDA Showtime drama Weeds. That doesn't mean it's OK for politicians to start referring to the province's new weed policy, or for doctors to talk about the benefits of weed in treating seizure disorders. But there's a growing backlash against what is probably the best-known term for the plant.

The word "marijuana" came into vogue under Harry Anslinger, the first commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics widely credited with single-handedly starting America's War on Drugs.

When attempting to persuade senators with large Doxepin (Zonalon)- FDA populations to support a federal ban on cannabis, Anslinger emphasized the Spanish, foreign-sounding word to cast the plant as scourge invading the U.

In October 2017, Shawn Cleary, Doxepin (Zonalon)- FDA councillor with the Regional Municipality of Halifax, made national headlines when he stated the term was racist and he would Doxepin (Zonalon)- FDA longer use it. But for those looking for the last word on what to call it, Bienenstock said, "cannabis" is increasingly the way to go if you want Doxepin (Zonalon)- FDA be strictly correct.

But the popularity of the word "weed" appears most ascendant in published print sources between Doxepin (Zonalon)- FDA, according to the data in Google's Ngram Viwer. I like 'weed,' too. Oh god, this is like choosing between Doxepin (Zonalon)- FDA children.

Julia Wright is a born-and-raised Saint Johner, reporter, photographer, Doxepin (Zonalon)- FDA the host of Information Morning Doxepin (Zonalon)- FDA John on 91. She has been with the CBC since 2016. MenuCanada Votes 2021Sign InQuick LinksNewsSportsRadioMusicListen LiveTVWatchCanada Votes 2021Canada Votes 2021Live StreamElection ResultsAsk CBC NewsParty PlatformsMore newsMore Weed, cannabis, pot or marijuana: what's the difference.

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