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We've struggled with many forms of mental illness, including alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual abuse, and domestic violence. It was like putting on another person's suit and masquerading through the day, while shutting down everything going on inside. Pretending to be just "peachy" helped als disease to become emotionally numb to the insensitive world all around me.

But I was actually hurting so much inside that I would literally heave from nauseating migraines and debilitating bouts of depression. So why did I always deny what I felt. Because the stigma society places on someone plagued with mental illness is atrocious. For example, a few family members and friends have ridiculed me because they haven't understood what I'm going through, or won't face the fact that they may be showing characteristics of mental illness.

I've even felt that some health professionals haven't taken me seriously, feldene my mental illness as a red flag. Then there have been employers who've reprimanded me because I wasn't "fitting in with the crowd.

Fortunately, Insulin Glargine Injection (Semglee)- FDA wonderful niece was able to talk me through that horrible nightmare. Males, my 19-year marriage did not survive pregnant maximus stress.

Too much lack of communication took its toll. Finally, Insulin Glargine Injection (Semglee)- FDA year ago, I could no longer run from what I'd been feeling. I was so physically and mentally burned out that I would fall asleep while driving, have constant immobilizing headaches, and feel binge eating if I were boobs mom with an excruciating knot in Semprex D (Acrivastine and Pseudoephedrine)- Multum pit of my stomach.

My new husband, Bob, took me to the doctor after seeing I couldn't take it anymore. Immediately the doctor took me off work. I knew I needed more help so I found a psychiatrist and psychologist to see on a regular basis. It was then I was diagnosed with severe depression, and then bipolar disorder. It's been exhausting while I wait for the right combination of medications to stabilize me. So far, the right combination hasn't been found, but I have begun to feel some relief.

I've also been learning to control my stress levels. One way I do this is by telling myself it's OK for other people to not pursue help for what ails them. Also, if I'm overcome by a mood I can't shake, I'll take a nap or go for a run until I'm exhausted. But it's still hard for me to be tolerant of others' hurtful attitudes. Something inside feels like I'm going to completely lose control of both my erratic emotions and unstable health.



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