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Of 2815 eligible men contacted, 1511 (53. An additional 194 men living in the study area heard about the study (from pfizer in russia or pfizer in russia local media) and were recruited before receiving an invitation letter, giving a final sample of 1705. As the CHAMP study area has a high proportion of immigrants, only 49.

Other main countries of birth were Great Britain (4. The men have been followed for a mean of 59. Walking speed at baseline was not available in 77 men, mostly through inability to complete the pfizer in russia. A total of 266 deaths occurred during follow-up. The mean walking speed was 0. Cox regression analysis showed that older men with a pfizer in russia speed above 0.

Therefore, we predict that this is the likely speed at which the Grim Reaper prefers to ambulate under working conditions. Older men who walked at speeds greater than 0. In addition, no men walking at speeds of 1. This supports our hypothesis that faster speeds are protective against mortality because fast walkers can maintain a safe distance from the Grim Reaper. Interestingly, the predicted walking speed of Death estimated in the present study is virtually identical to the gait photodiagnosis and photodynamic therapy (0.

To our knowledge this is the first paper to estimate the walking speed of the Grim Reaper, which has clear importance for public health. Strengths of this study include the large pfizer in russia sample of older men from a variety of cultural backgrounds, enabling the application of our findings to diverse populations.

This study also has several limitations. Therefore we were unable to measure his actual walking speed. Rather, we used receiver operating characteristics analysis to estimate a likely walking speed on the assumption that this would be the speed that best predicted mortality. Sodium heparin we do not believe this limitation to be an important one.

The receiver operating characteristics analysis was not adjusted for age, which may have resulted in different findings. Therefore we are unable to confirm whether slow walking speed remains an important predictor of pfizer in russia mortality risk in those with access to such resources.

Furthermore, as singing when feeling down is often pfizer in russia like a health talisman, studies could test the possibility of using pfizer in russia song (see web extra) as an magical incantation to ward off Death. This study has important implications for clinical practice and the development of future strategies for health promotion in older people.

Our findings add to past research indicating a strong link between walking speed and mortality by suggesting the involvement of the Grim Reaper as an underlying mechanism for this association.

Past research has suggested the use of walking speed as a tool to identify individuals at higher risk of death who may benefit from preventive interventions. Interventional studies are required to assess the applicability of these findings as a motivational tool to improve participation and adherence to health promotional activities. The application of electronic tools such as BMJ iPad to monitor the walking speed catal j the Grim Reaper warrants further pfizer in russia. The Grim Reaper, the personification of death, is a well pfizer in russia mythological and literary figureHigh quality scientific research linking the Grim Reaper to mortality is limited, despite extensive anecdotal evidence attesting his important role in deathThe Grim Reaper prefers to walk at 0.

FFS, DG, FMB, DGLeC, VN, LW, MJS, DJH, PNS and RGC helped design the study, analyse pfizer in russia interpret the data, and critically revise the article.



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