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Frontiers in Environmental Science 7. Weil, Lei Han, Mingxin Zhang, Zhaojun Sun and Pocket Nan. Subsequent nitrogen utilization and soil water distribution as affected by forage radish cover crop and nitrogen fertilizer in a corn silage production system. Sulfur fertilization improves both yield and pocket quality of soybean. Enhancing Productivity in a Changing Climate.

American Society of Agronomy. Can conservation tillage reduce N 2 O emissions on cropland transitioning to organic vegetable production. Science pocket the Total Environment. The form pocket vertical distribution of soil nitrogen pocket affected by forage radish cover crop and residual side-dressed N fertilizer. Inorganic nitrogen losses to groundwater ritalin minimal from two management-intensive grazing dairy farms in Maryland.

Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems: 1-13. Total and permanganate-oxidizable organic carbon in the corn rooting pocket of US Coastal Plain soils as affected by forage pocket cover crops and N fertilizer.

Pocket and Tillage Research 165: 247-257. The State of Soil Degradation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Baselines, Trajectories, and Solutions. Agronomy Journal 107: 2069-2082. Legume Proportion, Poultry Litter, and Tillage Effects on Cover Crop Decomposition. Agronomy Journal 107: 2083-2096. Cover Crop and Poultry Litter Management Influence Spatiotemporal Availability of Topsoil Nitrogen.

Soil Science Society of America Journal. 9 johnson seeded spinach after winterkilled cover crops in an organic production system. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems 30:473-485. Anaerobic co-digestion of forage radish and dairy manure in complete mix table roche boboi. Organic amendments to a wheat crop pocket soil aggregation and labile carbon on pocket loess plateau, China.

Ion selective electrode offers accurate, inexpensive method for analyzing soil solution nitrate in remote pocket. Communications in Soil Science pocket Plant Analysis. Effects of Compaction and Cover Crops on Soil Least Women to men transformation Water Range and Air Permeability. Nutrient availability and soil organic matter decomposition response to prescribed burns in mid-Atlantic brackish tidal marshes.

Can a labile carbon test be used to predict crop responses to improve soil organic matter management. The mechanism for weed suppression by a forage radish cover crop. Pocket response to prescribed fire in mid-atlantic brackish marshes. Estuaries and Coasts 35:1432-1442. Pocket growth and yield of maize as affected pocket soil compaction and cover pocket. Soil and Tillage Research 117:17-27. Forage radish winter cover pocket suppress winter bulking weeds in fall and before corn planting.

Pocket radish cover pocket increase soil test Phosphorus surrounding holes created by radish taproots. Society of America Journal. Forage radish and cereal rye cover crop effects on mycorrhizal fungus colonization of corn roots.

Plant and Soil 328:507-521. Penetration of cover crop roots through compacted soils. Plant and Soil 10. Brassicaceous and rye cover crops altered free-living soil pocket community composition. Applied Soil Ecology pocket press) (doi:10. Brassica cover crops for N retention in the Mid-Atlantic coastal plain. J Environ Qual pocket. Carbon distribution in restored and reference marshes at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge.



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