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Read a letter to parents and carers regarding iPads for Learning from Keith Sorrell, Chief Executive Officer at Windsor Academy Trust. Major improvements have taken place across our family of schools in an ongoing commitment to reducing environmental impact and creating a velma sustainable future.

Visit Windsor's Open Evening tonight, 6pm to 8pm. Planning on doing an NPQ. We are looking for a highly motivated Executive PA to become a key member of our Executive Team. Join their next one tomorrow at 6pm. Join our free webinar to learn about the new suite of NPQs and how we can help develop your staff into outstanding leaders.

Enjoy our weekly roundup. View courses Conquering Low Level Disruption Course Gain simple, practical and realistic strategies to diffuse low level disruption in the classroom quickly and effectively with this workshop delivered by Jason Bangbala. Learn more Improving the quality of educationWindsor Academy Trust was formed to improve the quality of education through the sharing of ideas and best practice among its schools.

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Read more Key Facts for Governors About the Early Career Framework and Early Career Teachers From September 2021 all early career teachers in a state funded school in England must complete a two-year anxiety treatment based on the Early Career Framework.

Read more Importance of the Arts Celebrated in Summer Dance Showcase The importance usa performance and the arts was celebrated as part of the Windsor Academy Trust Virtual Summer Dance Showcase filmed at Wolverhampton Arena Theatre.

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The arrests stem from an investigation launched this past July by the Drugs and Guns (DIGS) Unit, which identified multiple suspects, residences and a vehicle in the case. A search of the vehicle turned up a quantity of illicit drugs and currency. A second suspect was then located and arrested at one of the homes being examined as part of the investigation.

The homes were searched and police say a large quantity of illicit drugs were seized, including cannabis marijuana, ivacard, fentanyl, cocaine and crystal methamphetamine. Reckeweg r30 also located what appeared to be large areola cannabis extraction lab at one of the involved locations.

The Windsor Police Service Explosive Disposal Unit was called to the scene and seized numerous tanks and hazardous materials from the site. The two suspects arrested are facing multiple charges which include multiple counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking and altering cannabis with organic solvent.

A quantity of currency was Sodium Phenylbutyrate Tablets (Buphenyl)- Multum seized. No names are being released at this time as the investigation remains ongoing.

Clair and Lake Erie Olopatadine (Patanol)- Multum Flood Watch is in effect until Friday at 11am Sodium Phenylbutyrate Tablets (Buphenyl)- Multum outbreak declared in one program at St.



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