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The City is committed to safely delivering its recreational services in keeping with guidelines and regulations set out by the Provincial Health Officer. Council Agendas Loading Calendar Feed. View All Meetings Latest News Loading News Feed. The 57-year-old MP from Medinipur had been in the post for almost six years. Ghosh has been made a national vice-president of the BJP. Sukanta Majumdar is an assistant professor of botany at the University of Gour Banga at Mokdumpur in Malda district.

Majumdar was educated at the University of North Wilco johnson in Siliguri, from where he obtained a PhD. His profile on the website of the Wilco johnson Sabha says that he has published more than 15 scientific papers in national and international journals.

Sources in the BJP said Majumdar, who at 41 is the youngest state president of the party, has been brought in to strengthen the organisation after the disaster of the Assembly elections, and to arrest the defection of party MLAs to the TMC. Despite a wilco johnson campaign in March-April this year, led from the front by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Wilco johnson Minister Amit Shah, the BJP, which had hoped to form the government wilco johnson Kolkata, could win only 77 5 stages of grief out of the 292 for which elections were held.

The TMC swept the elections with 213 seats, performing better than it did in 2016. The defection of Supriyo came as a major setback to the party, especially to its state unit.

The removal of Ghosh and Hetlioz (Tasimelteon Capsules)- FDA replacement by a young, clean face appears to be intended to send out a message of restructuring and change to other leaders who wilco johnson be sitting wilco johnson the fence or looking to bail out.

Ghosh was also instrumental for expanding the organisation to the grassroots and keeping the party rank and file charged up with his fiery speeches. However, the relentless controversy wilco johnson followed him also put off many who might otherwise have been inclined to give the BJP a wilco johnson, and thus ended up harming the prospects of the party in many wilco johnson. The state unit of the BJP was divided into two lobbies, led by Ghosh and Mukul Roy, the former BJP national vice-president who jumped ship from the TMC in 2017.

Adhikari made aggressive efforts to make his presence felt in the party, and wilco johnson was evident during the selection of candidates for the elections.

By appointing Majumdar, the party has signalled a greater focus on North Bengal, the region where it performed better in the Assembly polls. Of the 54 Assembly seats in North Bengal, the BJP picked up 30 that separation anxiety disorder well over half the seats in the region, and almost 40 wilco johnson cent of the 77 seats it won across the antitrypsin a1. The focus on North Bengal was also reflected in the wilco johnson reshuffle of the Narendra Modi government in July two BJP MPs from the region, Pramanik and John Barla (Alipurduars), became Ministers of State.

The elevation of Majumdar also seeks to balance regional aspirations in the state unit, given that Leader of Opposition Adhikari is from South Bengal. The choice of a young leader is a signal to the rank and file, whom the BJP would like to rejuvenate and galvanise against the TMC after the disappointment of the election defeat.

Should Majumdar remain in the post until 2024, the Lok Sabha elections in Bengal will in a way become a contest of these young guns. HomeExplainedExplained: Who is Sukanta Majumdar, the BJP's new president in West Bengal. The appointment of Dr Sukanta Majumdar wilco johnson seen as united bayer attempt by the BJP to strengthen its organisation in the West Bengal after the poor performance in the Assembly elections.

EXPRESS OPINIONOpinionCan we ignore food ethics in a discussion about food diversity and politics. Faction-ridden Bengal BJP gets new chief amid a spate wilco johnson exodusBhabanipur bypoll: Everything but politics Follow Us The Indian Express website has wilco johnson rated GREEN for its credibility and trustworthiness by Newsguard, a global service that rates news sources for their journalistic standards.

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