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  • Linsey Berardi The Brooklyn Brat.
  • Shannon Sarich Buff Barbie.
  • You may recall the drama that surrounded Quincy back when he and Deiondra Sanders broke up.

Falen and Rima were basically cool the whole season because they were both African. Bunim-Murray has never licensed the show's format to a broadcaster in another nation for a local version of the series. Jada finally comes back to the house but Loren won't let her get a pass until a fight occurs. Kendra James The Double Standard. Britt tries to find her purpose in the house, online does and considers leaving the house.

Camilla Poindexter The Cali Cutthroat. Many homophobic slurs have caught the attention of media outlets. Raesha and Loren tell the other girls they are cousins. Linsey and Jada have multiple fights in the limo ending with a cliffhanger.

Sayorra did expose her truth and Susan was hurt and angry that she would tell her personal business to the girls. Shannade who is supposed to be an InstaGram model and socialite was arrested while on her way to catch a flight out of LaGuardia airport in New York City this past Wednesday morning. Key is still a bully but she does support these girls. Lasting until the final day without ever being kicked out or leaving for another reason is treated as an impressive feat on the series due to the level of violence and hostility.

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Elease Donovan The Brick House. Britt finally has had enough and decides to take her anger out on Dalila leaving the girls confused on why Britt attacked Dalila after a couple of minutes. No wonder he overdosed but did this girl have anything to do with him dying? With preparations for the wedding in order, sider dating issues arise between Tanisha and her soon-to-be husband Clive.

She also appeared on the special, Twinstant Replay with the Victor Twins. Zuly Ramos The Caribbean Cassanova. The series was produced by Productions with SallyAnn Salsano as executive producer. New girl Dalila enters the house insulting everyone.

How can she steal from a man she was obviously tricking with and then the man ends up dead the next day? The format for the first season of Bad Girls Club was different from that of subsequent seasons. If a cast member violated production rules, she was often evicted from the show and, if it is early in the season, would be replaced by a new cast member. Quincy was rumored to have been dating an Instagram model named Aaleeyah Petty but those rumors quickly died down.

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Mischievously sexual and rascally moments are also captured among the women. What is Shannon thinking about her sisters actions? The girls go to the Sears Tower. She claims she wants to be a lady and not a hood chick who is always fighting.

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Aysia finds out her grandma died. Jessica Rodriguez The Mouth. Nancy Denise The Tennessee Toughy. The girls reunite in Los Angeles to settle things once and for all but tempers flare when Aysia has a physical altercation with Blu's ex-girlfriend Diamond. Amy Cieslowski The Hot Mess.

  1. Kate Squillace The Prima Donna.
  2. Being fake and using Key and Seven as a shield from the other girls?
  3. The girls head off to Barcelona leaving Alex starting to wonder who her real friends are in the house after an altercation with Loren and Jonica.

After Jada goes backstage stating she's leaving, that doesn't sit well with Redd and Britt. Thank you, we really appreciate that. However, she has been making subliminal tweets on Twitter about her so called girls.

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Earlier this year Quincy was rumored to have been dating an Instagram model named Aaleeyah Petty but those rumors quickly died down. She makes her own way, makes her own rules and she makes no apologies. Hopefully that is true, only time will tell. Jessica Giordano The Staten Stunner.

There is a difference between not liking someone and being disrespectful and Rima is really disrespectful. Tasha Malek The Posh Princess. The girls say goodbye to Chicago.

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Raesha Clanton The Alabama Slammer. Andrea Bowman The Rhinestone Cowgirl. Kori Koether Botox Barbie. After quickly realizing she messed up, Aysia and Jada make amends. Morgan Osman The Uber Bitch.

Ailea Carr The Instigator. Brynesha Seegers TaloneMusic. Teresa Bordeaux The Inked Queen. Tess Mett The Rough Rider. The Futon Critic Press release.

Loren and Jonica declare war on Dalila leading to an altercation between Loren leaving her to throw pickle juice and sugar on Dalila leading to Dalila's departure. Janelle Shanks The Weave-ologist. The ladies of the Bad Girls Club arrive at the Reunion set and they are ready to lay hands on their enemies. Lauren Spears The Southern Spitfire. Jada and Loren get into another fight leading to Raesha jump in.

Mehgan James The Texas Temptation. Nunn answered yes, stating that the two had argued during a dinner party in New York City. Raesha immediately fits in with everyone except for Aysia. Christina Hopkins Agent Orange. The episode picks up with the fight between Diamond and Aysia leading to Jada jump in which irritates everyone.

After Diamond states Jada tried to jump her, that sparks anger between Redd and Britt leading to a huge blowout behind stage. The girls have a calendar photo shoot. She leaves to go to her funeral, but comes back later in the episode. Janae Bradford The Houston Hellraiser.

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Jade Bennett The Party Diva. Can you say dumber than a box of rocks? This altercation draws in many viewers and keeps them wondering what will happen next.

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