The three kings a christmas dating story alisa valdes, the three kings a christmas dating story

The best advice I can give someone on dating is to never follow my advice on dating. Do you still have plans to start your own publishing company? Okay, I read this in one afternoon. Yeah, that would have made her a ton of money quick. But I also felt she should have stood up for herself.

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Kind of dumb but it was ok to read while at the beach. Christy's husband left her for another man and she hasn't really dated since. It was definitely amusing and easy to relate to the characters. It wasn't written for everybody, it was written for me and thousands of women like me.

The three kings a christmas dating story alisa valdes

But she is at a point in her life now of becoming an adult. My father is an academic, a sociology professor specializing in Latin America, so he wrote books. This one wasn't as strong I didn't think, but it was a different novel than her Dirty Girls books.

You want to help, fix the house, don't give them money you know they'll be hitting the casino with. In a way, many of us, not all of us, grew up with the Three Kings. But then, by the power of Christmas, her wish comes true. For that matter, why on earth didn't Maggie teach her daughter about birth control. Who's bearing gifts this Christmas?

Plus, it's shorter and December is always a madhouse for most of us. So when her prayer comes to pass hilarity and heartbreak in equal measure ensues. And then it was funny- everyone castigated her for being too white, which led to her losing herself and her love for her peeps. She prays to the Virgin Guadalupe for three kings. Beneath the slightly unbelievable premise and the snarky humor lie some truly heart-warming moments.

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This book excelled at that. It would have gotten four stars but I found the ending too predictable and a bit rushed. The story oozes sarcasm about men, rich people, New Mexico, and the Hispanic people and their customs.

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The three kings a christmas dating story alisa valdes
The three kings a christmas dating story alisa valdes

Why would you do that to yourself? It has some twists and turns so even though you think it is predictable, australian farmers online dating it isn't quite. Your email address is now confirmed.

The Three Kings A Christmas Dating Story

  1. Christy on the other hand, not so much.
  2. My teachers and parents thought it was something I should be doing but because it was easy for me, I ended up doing something else.
  3. At any rate, the story was very funny and easy to read.

If you've read her earlier books I'd definitely recommend this. Otherwise an enjoyable read! The whole book generated a sense of negativity and bitterness. But I'm sure glad I started off with this one. That book is still being read and suggests you should date three men at once, but none of them seriously.

The Three Kings A Christmas Dating Story by Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez

The Three Kings is a cute, romantic Christmas story with a chick lit feel. If you're looking for a funny, romantic Christmas story, you should definitely check out The Three Kings. Light Christmas story, with a romantic bent. Do you have any advice for our readers who are recently divorced, plus and dating again for the first time? After her marriage ends, she finds herself turning to the internet and dating books like The Rules to piece her love life back together.

The three kings a christmas dating story alisa valdes

However, I thought the heroine's epiphany pun intended occurred way too quickly and unrealistically at the end. What are you currently working on? Not her best, your dating but still fun to read.

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  • Maybe if the story was better or at least less predictable.
  • How has this new genre developed since then?
  • Maggie, her cousin, st I liked this book overall, but not as much as the other books this author has put out.

From Dirty Girls to Enlightened Ladies

This contest not only becomes a race to the finish, but it also turns into a wager for the rest of the family. Fun chick lit but the end I suddenly tied up neat and clean. Thank you for your interest in volunteering!

At the end of her romantic rope, she prays to the Virgin Mary to send her some single, eligible men to date because The Rules suggest you date more than one guy at a time. Just like the wise men in the nativity story, Melchior, Caspar, and Balthazar arrive bearing gifts and displaying their best stuff. Christy is so not up for dating. The Three Kings is a feel-good holiday tale.

The three guys appear at a cousin's party. She turns it into a game, where each man gets three dates with Christy to prove he's the right man for her, all while her family makes wagers on who the winner will be. Maggie suggests sort of a dating experiment and Christy must go out on three dates with each of these very different cousins to decide which one is more of a match for her. Book Club chose it for December because of the Three Kings theme.

It was a light hearted funny story. How many of us dismiss everything about our parents as a process of separating psychologically only to realize we become, at a certain age, very much like them, and we start to respect them? So, I wanted to pay homage, but I also wanted to make the novel a contemporary chica lit book that modern women of all backgrounds could relate to. But I didn't see it while reading the story until I finished it.

But some of the opinions being shoved down my throat made me grit my teeth. The whole book generated a sense o I was very excited about having the opportunity to read this book, mainly for the anticipated humor and the holiday setting, but my expectations fell flat. Which one is better suited for Christy? Manage your email preferences and tell us which topics interest you so that we can prioritize the information you receive. Why couldn't she wish that to Santa Claus?

The three kings a christmas dating story alisa valdes

About Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez. Also published as Alisa Valdes. Alisa is very good at writing about flawed characters who have much to learn about themselves and others. Valdes-Rodriguez is known for making strong central female characters. She is a talented, free philippines motivated and very successful person who has been through a difficult divorce.

Of course the one I liked ended up being a real tool which goes to show how I always pick the wrong guys, haha. And, let's face it, this was really a romance novel, so I wanted assurance as the reader that Christy and Balthazar did live happily ever after. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. She is wise enough to realize she needs something when her husband is so desperate to leave her he feigns, shall we say, a change of heart, andrew wk dating advice to escape her. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Author Interview With Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez AARP VIVA

The three kings a christmas dating story alisa valdes

So it's kind of disturbing. Or if you are a woman, your sex becomes your genre. There is so much wrong, I could go on and on, all I can say is I definitely won't recommend. This was way too chick lit for me.

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