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Nora Dunn as Joyce Berman. When Chloe resists June's efforts to bond with her, June befriends a group of girls from her Pilates class who are the epitome of what Chloe detests. The two hit it off, until June finds out Scott is Chloe's father, whom she claims is separated from her mother. Following June's breakup with Steven, Chloe sets her up with a guy she believes is perfect for her, Scott Michael Landes. Pepper sets Mark up on a date with one of her friends, and June struggles to hide her jealousy.

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After June catches Chloe pulling her roommate scam again, both women try to find alternative ways of making the rent. Chloe tells June that Benjamin is going to be in town to shoot a commercial with James. Cast Krysten Ritter as Chloe.

  • June is nervous and excited about starting her new job.
  • Nora Kirkpatrick as Crissy.
  • She learns that Steven is cheating on June with multiple women.
  • Maisie Pacia as Student No.

She tries to tell June, who automatically thinks it is a ploy to get her to leave the apartment. June is startled when a man she has never seen before jumps out of a door in the apartment that she has never seen before. Chloe keeps her apartment by inviting roommates to move in, asking for rent up front, and then behaving outrageously until they leave.

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Binge watched it with my Pakistan hosts in Ireland. Chloe intends to use her mentally unstable friend to her advantage against vicious, out-of-town women in order to pick up a bargain at a department store's annual warehouse sale. Meanwhile, James learns that he is on the short list for a Martin Scorsese film, though Scorsese does consider him deep enough for the role. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Katherine Tokarz as Nurse Nicole.

Meanwhile, James struggles with his audition for a new Woody Allen film. Chloe tries to get June to dabble in casual sex. The series starred Ritter as Chloe, an irresponsible party girl who searches for roommates by asking for rent up front and then behaving outrageously until they leave. Ray Ford, who plays Luther, was promoted to a series regular for season two. Thomas Lommel as Producer.

Don t Trust the B in Apartment 23

James invites Chloe and June out to dinner to meet the girl he has been dating, Emily. There are a lot of games when it comes to dating, but for James it's literally a game. June and Mark are obsessed with a reality dating show, and Chloe encourages June to go out and get an actual date.

James launches a new line of super-skinny jeans named Beek Jeans. Chloe plans to make Benjamin think of her as his mother, who left when he was seven, before breaking up with him. However all does not go to plan.

Don t Trust The B In Apartment Dating Games

Within minutes you'll be chatting with potential dates in your area. Clement von Franckenstein as Mr. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. Me Woman Saying Know Girlfriend.

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Meanwhile, James learns that his father is not his biological father. However, Chloe finds herself increasingly distracted by the return of Benjamin, whom June insists is Chloe's true love. June reluctantly agrees to let Chloe set her up on a date. Meanwhile, James volunteers at a celebrity soup kitchen in order to get publicity and is unpleasantly surprised when he and Luther actually work.

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June decides that she wants to move in, but Chloe soon reveals her true intentions as she plots to scam June out of her rent money. After Mark admits to June that he has feelings for her, they decide to have sex, but it turns out to be awful. June is shocked to discover that Chloe has been attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in order to share her crazy partying stories, while stealing alcohol from the recovering addicts. She then meets and is instantly taken with a fun, vivacious, and seemingly perfect roommate named Chloe, who is close friends with James Van Der Beek.

James focuses all his attention on training for his appearance on Dancing with the Stars. The first season ends with June desperately trying to keep pace with Chloe's hard-partying ways. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Very refreshing and witty. Meanwhile, James is devastated when he finds out that his Beek Jeans were overstocked and ended up relegated to the chill-out corner at the sale where no one is buying them.

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Patrick voice Enrico Natale We have to embrace the mystery and surprises along with the frustrations. During Chloe's dream, she must complete challenges in order to reach her goal and overthrow Trish as the top dancer on the show, while also learning that she needs to trust June as her friend. Neither mistake as anything wrong. Chloe encourages June to have casual sex with the coffee-shop customer Hartley Sawyer she is attracted to.

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Chloe decides to seduce Steven. In preparation of a contest, but you have to appreciate that Tinder makes you aware of potential boos in the area that you never knew existed before. Chloe takes a dejected James and an anxious June on a trip to the Hamptons, along with Robin and Luther, and tries crash the party of the year and hook up with the elusive host.

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Meanwhile, James is worried when he is paired with the worst pro dancer for Dancing with the Stars. June tries to sell homemade jam to make extra money, but things get sticky when Chloe gets involved. Meanwhile, Mark goes to James for advice on his newfound feelings for June.

Americus Abesamis as Bouncer. June discovers that Chloe has been attending Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings, to share her crazy partying stories as well as take free booze from the alcoholics. Pricing for Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold is dynamic, shifting with location and age. June receives her one-year roommate evaluation from Chloe, mobile dating apps in india in which she is shocked to learn that she has been given a D. There's material and promise here.

Chloe warns June, though, that she shouldn't be so trusting and that Fox is probably just keeping her enemies close. However, Chloe reveals to June that she is the one who has been sending him fake letters every year. As she tries to piece together what happened, county June discovers some surprising things about herself. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified.

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Dating Games
Don t Trust the B in Apartment 23 - Season 2 - IMDb

June has been so overwhelmed with work that she has no time for anything else, including Chloe. We will be full timing it next year. The Real Housewives of Potomac. However, Chloe becomes jealous over the budding friendship between June and James.

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However, when Chloe's beer goggles affect her perception of his appearance, June tries to keep Chloe drunk to keep her job. After realizing her dream job no longer exists, signs she finds herself rooming with all around party girl and con-woman Chloe McGruff Krysten Ritter. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Chloe takes advantage of James's empty penthouse for one of her scams.

  1. Elsewhere, James teaches an acting class.
  2. Things get even more complicated when Chloe's wheelchair-bound mother Marin Hinkle stops by in distress suspecting that her husband is cheating on her.
  3. Meanwhile, Mark looks to James for help in expressing his newfound feelings for June.
  4. Amra Silajdzic as Svetlana.
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